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To get you a training program that matches your needs, we need some background data about you, what you can do today.

We believe that training toward a goal/race/test is one of the best motivators, no matter if it's big or small goal. Set your next goal today.

You can change your goal at any point, your training program will be adapted instantly to match your new goal.

You can add multiple events, edit dates and change your plans when you know more.

Training days

Motivation is one thing. Structure keeps your daily life together.

Set time slots in your calendar for all the training sessions, (not only rowing) you have planned during your week. In case you do alternative training such as weight training and running, include the time slots for those in this plan.

This way we can help you keep up with the appointments you have set yourself. Soon you will realize, training has become a habit, just something you do.

Weekday Morning Evening


What can you pull today? If you should row a preferred distance at race pace today with a stroke rate not lower than 24

  • What would the distance be in meters?
  • What would your average stroke rate be? and
  • What would your estimated split time per 500m be?

The more accurate estimate the better, even better if you have a recent test/race result.


Like it or not, age, gender, height, and weight influence human performance.

Please input the following details:


To get a better indicator of how you perform today, we need some background information about you as an athlete.

You might be new to rowing, but if you have a background as another athlete, it gives you a different starting point to what you can train.

Your account

Finally, to get your personal training program, you need to activate your account.

We need your email and a password to create your account, and then you are set

You can get started and train right away. We have calculated a program for you based on the data you have given us.

During the first week, you will get a series of emails with some explainers to help you get started.

Great that you are joining us.

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